Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee (Deuteronomy 16:17 KJV)

Dear Members and Friends of First United Apostolic, We are thrilled to embark on a transformative journey with the launch of the First United Apostolic Building Fund. This initiative marks a significant step forward in fortifying the foundation of our faith community and expanding our capacity to serve both our congregation and the broader community. Why support the First United Apostolic Building Fund?

    1. Community Growth: Your support directly contributes to the growth of our church community, providing a sacred space for worship, fellowship, and spiritual development.
    2. Expanded Ministries: With a new facility, we can enhance and introduce ministries that cater to the evolving needs of our congregation, fostering deeper connections and meaningful engagements.
    3. Outreach and Impact: A stronger physical presence enables us to extend our outreach initiatives, making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need within our community.
    4. Generations to Come: By contributing to the building fund, you are investing in the future of First United Apostolic, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.

                                        Thirty years ago, our community embarked on a journey of faith, coming together under the guiding light of Jesus Christ. Our humble church was just a seed, planted with hope and a shared vision for a place where hearts could unite in worship, love, and service     As the years unfolded, so did our church. We faced challenges and celebrated triumphs. Through it all, the spirit of Jesus Christ resonated within these walls, becoming the heartbeat of our growing community             Today, we stand at a crossroads, gazing back at the remarkable journey we've undertaken. Our church has become a sanctuary. Not just of bricks and mortar, but of shared memories, laughter, tears, and the unwavering love of our Lord. But as we reflect on the past, we must also look to the future. Our beloved church, a beacon of hope, needs your support to continue growing, flourishing, and providing a sanctuary for generations to come. This is not just a call to donate; it's an invitation to be part of something greater than ourselves. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, let's come together, hand in hand, and build a legacy that echoes the love and teachings of Jesus Christ Your contribution, whether big or small, is a testament to your belief in the power of community, faith, and the enduring spirit of Christ. Together, we can enhance our church, not just as a physical structure, but as a living testament to His grace and our shared commitment to His teachings As we embark on this new phase of our journey, let us remember that this isn't just about bricks and mortar; it's about hearts and souls. Join us in building a future where the love of Jesus Christ continues to illuminate our path. Let's create a space where everyone is welcome, and the spirit of community flourishes. Donate today, and be a part of our extraordinary journey of faith. Pastor Hector Carpenter  

Together, let us build a sanctuary that not only stands as a testament to our shared faith but serves as a beacon, drawing those in search of hope and salvation. Your support is not only constructing a physical edifice; it is constructing a spiritual haven where lives are transformed, and souls are saved. May our Building Fund campaign be a vessel through which we extend the arms of Jesus Christ, inviting all to experience His love and grace. Your commitment to this cause is a testament to your dedication to the mission of saving souls for our Savior. In the words of our Lord, 'For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them' (Matthew 18:20). Let our gathering, our unity, and our contributions be a powerful manifestation of His presence among us. Thank you for your unwavering support, your boundless generosity, and your commitment to the eternal work of saving souls for Jesus Christ. In His love and grace, Hector carpenter, Pastor, First United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic

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