First United Youth Ministry

Youth is the time to serve the Lord. During these formative years, it is imperative for a youth ministry to purposefully engage children and youths to form a strong biblical foundation. A vibrant youth ministry is essential to the growth of any church. As a mentor and father in the gospel, Paul admonished Timothy his protégé, to not allow anyone to despise his youth, but rather, to be an example of the believer in conduct and conversation (I Timothy 4:12).  His early calling at the age of 16, demonstrates that when one lives a life that is grounded in the word and is separated from sin, such a one can be used in the kingdom.

At First United Kissimmee, youths are encouraged through biblical teachings to stand strong for their beliefs by intimately knowing and applying the word of God. The Apostolic Creed - which provides the framework of our belief system - is a tool by which our ministry engages our youth to understand what it means to be Apostolic, and how to apply these foundational principles. Our mission is to nurture and cultivate spiritual growth so they will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, maintain their spiritual purity, and be ready for the coming of our Lord. Additionally, the youth ministry promotes academic excellence noted in biblical characters such as Daniel and the three Hebrew boys (Daniel 1:1-4). The children and youths are also recognized and celebrated for their achievements.

Our youth ministry further enhances the growth of children and youth by intentionally incorporating our adults -especially the seniors - in youth services and various activities. As the word admonishes us in Titus 2:1-8, the older should teach the younger, these interactions are vital to the growth of the youth, and are a means by which both can build and maintain positive relationships. Lastly, the youth ministry also promotes recreational activities as well as visits the elderly in nursing homes, where they sing songs and play games with the residents.

You are encouraged to visit and witness the enthusiasm of our youth in worship.

Yours in Christ service.