“O clap your hands all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.” Psalms 47:1

The choir plays a vital role in the Ministry. We are committed to minister to the Lord, bringing Glory to His name.  The book of Psalm 96, encourages us to sing unto the Lord a new song, sing unto the Lord all the earth.  By doing so, we are able to witness in every song and tell everyone we meet about the good news of salvation; with an expectation through the Holy Ghost, to help win souls.

First United consists of sixteen dedicated and passionate members who not just merely sing, but wholeheartedly minister in the Spirit.  On account of this, lives have been changed.  Also, invitations and requests from other churches desiring us to minister to their congregation, have been received.  Thus, allowing us to humbly submit to the Master’s call and continue to make ourselves readily available for His use.

At times First United also engages in fellowship with other Apostolic Choir Ministries, giving thanks and praise unto the Lord.  We are ambassadors with a mission to carry the gospel far and wide through the songs of Zion. Also, to fulfill our aim to continue to sing joyfully, as we await the King’s return.

Yours in the Master’s Service.