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Privacy Policy

First United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Inc., is entrusted to protecting personal data and respecting the rights of the individuals whose personal data we collect and use. We value your personal data and will adopt good practice in ensuring your personal privacy is protected while engaging on our website, or physically attending our church location.

By using our website and services you are fully committing to (including our physical location), privacy policy and terms of use. Also, you agree to waive all liability that may arise involving your use of our website, as well as during attendance at our church location. The latter also includes granting permission for the use of your pictures, videos and/or visual images, during our programs, to promote our services.   

This privacy policy may be changed at any time, without prior notice, via postings on our website.  Changes will become effective immediately. You are therefore urged to read this privacy notice in its entirety, to better understand your rights.

The following list informs you of the information and procedures used to help protect your privacy and personal data:

  1. Identifiable information.
  2. How the information is collected and used.
  3. Possible sharing of information.
  4. Choices relative to gathering and disseminating data
  5. Security
  6. Inaccuracies

Identifiable Information, Collection and Use

We collect information that is specific, explicit and legitimate for the purpose for which it is being processed. This may also involve data received directly from the person completing contact information on registration forms. Information collected on website, as well as in person could include names, demographics, biographies and email addresses; preferably Hypertext Markup Language (HTML- web browser).  Confidential information, if and when used, e.g. social security numbers and credit cards, are handled with sensitivity and are not stored, or requested from our visitors.

Possible Sharing (Internet Protocol Address – IPA).

An IPA address is a numeric number assigned to your computer, when using the internet. It is used for communicating over the internet and is not associated with personally identifiable information.  IPA (s) are collected from anyone visiting our website. Information from IPA (s) is used to assist with diagnostic problems relating to servers, monitor our site, and provide personalized contents.

 Please be aware that by using our website you may be directed to a third party.  Personal data will only be shared with other organization, or people when we have a legal basis to do so and if we have informed the individualabout the possibility of the data being shared; unless legal exemptions apply to informing the individual about the sharing.

Gathering/disseminating data (Cookies)

Cookies are small pieces of data (e.g. username and password) used to improve your web browsing experience. They are sometimes used for record keeping as well as saving personal preferences on the website and to decrease ads being shown repeatedly.

This site may use cookies. Also, your web browser may already have been set to receive cookies. If you would rather not accept cookies, you should change the configuration on your browser to deny them. However, this could cause less favorable experience, when visiting our site.


The information submitted to is forwarded with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This prompts website security through a coding system that allows privacy and authentication by scrambling data, prior to being sent.  Personal information is also protected through a secure portion on our site, available to specific employees at  However, no electronic transition is completely secure; in which case we would not be able to guarantee, or warrant full security. Regardless, we will strive to guard your information.


Our website interfaces with links to other websites. These include: You-Tube, Instagram, Facebook, PayPal and others.  Clicking on these links divert you to their website, which relieve from any responsibility and/or control regarding managing their site/data.  You are therefore cautioned to ensure that you familiarize yourself with their privacy requirements, which may be different from

Return Policy

Orders purchased are not refundable.  However, questions regarding ticket purchases may be addressed via the ticket tailor at, or our mailing address listed below.  Defective and/or damaged items may be allowed for exchange, or to be replaced.


Questions associated with our location , policies, website, as well as comments; also, concerns about inaccuracies, payments, or orders should be directed to:, or our mailing address at:

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